What Does An Infection Control And Prevention Expert Do?

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This article will help in understanding of the role of an Infection Shield Consulting specialists.

Infection prevention and control is a discipline aimed at preventing and controlling the spread of infections in healthcare and non-healthcare facilities and in the community. It is the job of a Infection Shield Consulting specialist to fight infection to educate others on how to prevent and contain outbreaks and prevent further incidents. There are a number of training courses for nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals, but we want you to receive the Specialized Course in Infection Prevention and Control, as it provides a very practical training, “says Professor Ogunsola. Sources: 7, 9, 11, 12

Infection Shield Consulting experts who have CIC designation are particularly valuable where the newly released infection such as COVID-19 and associated infections are spreading throughout the community. It should be remembered that any event, not just COVID-19, that significantly affects infection prevention and control should trigger a revision of the Infection Shield Consulting risk assessment. Infection Shield Consulting experts like Dr. Kamyab Ghatan bring the principles and intervention strategies for reducing the risk of infection associated with that particular disease.

Many Infection Shield Consulting specialists refer to WHO, CDC, Infection Shield Consulting Canada APIC and etc. to provide up to date infection prevention and control information to the community.

Steps, Emilio Hornsey, of PHE UK (PHRST), said infection prevention and control professionals were involved in responding to the outbreak and also brought expertise to various levels of the health system. The infection prevention specialist is the one who coordinates the organisation and serves as a resource for infection prevention and control. There are several types of Infection Shield Consulting specialists experst:

  • The specialist in infection prevention and prevention in an organisation where he or she coordinates the efforts to control, prevent and combat infections. Sources: 0, 2, 10
  • The Infection Prevention and Control Officer, who acts as an expert and helps coordinate infection prevention and control throughout the health system, such as hospitals, hospitals and health centers. Sources: 2
  • The Infection Prevention and Control Partner who are esponsible for infection prevention and control at long-term care and retirement facilities.

Their tasks may include:

  • Analyzing and presenting infection data, facts and trends for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals,
  • Providing training and education, working on infection risk assessment and stepping up implementation of infection control practices, including the use of antibiotics and other anti-infection drugs, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO),.
  • There are a number of health and safety issues, relevant to infection prevention and control.

Originally established by Health Canada in 1992 as the Steering Committee of the Infection Control Guidelines, this advisory board has been providing advice and guidance on infection prevention and control for over 25 years.

The committee currently consists of three members: the IPC Tiger Team, the Infection Prevention and Control Advisory Committee and the Health Canada Advisory Board. The I PCP Tiger Team consists of one member from each of the three subcommittees and one representative from the Canadian Health Board. Sources: 6, 15

They may come from a variety of educational backgrounds, but expect a steep learning curve as they get used to dealing with a wide range of infection prevention and control procedures.

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