Infection Control And Prevention Audit

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Infection control in any setting is a good subject for examination, as it affects not only the staff, but also employees look at their performance honestly customers/patients/clients. In order to make an audit worthwhile and improve effectiveness in practice, it is essential that employees look at their performance honestly (hand hygiene and other Infection Control And Prevention protocols) and use the problem as an opportunity to learn. Sources: 5

The audit program should include a review of the performance of the management team in terms of infection control and infection prevention and control. This should be carried out by management teams in coordination with the an Infection Shield Consulting expert such as Dr. Kamyab Ghatan, who has an extensive knowledge of what Infection Control And Prevention practices should be in place for your particular facility.

To ensure that appropriate precautions are taken to prevent and control infection and to ensure that mechanisms are in place, this audit needs to be completed by an individual who has extensive knowledge of Infection Control And Prevention and has a CIC designation.

It should be remembered that any event throughout the year that significantly affects infection prevention and control should trigger a revision of the Infection Control And Prevention risk assessment. Annual reviews are an important part of an effective Infection Control And Prevention program for any setting, healthcare or non-healthcare, to reduce the transmission of infection and management of an infection transmission incident, for the safety of staff, visitors and clients. A team that combines multidisciplinary approaches with the help of Infection Shield specialist, will benefit a more effective and efficient process. Sources: 1

All staff should regularly receive infection prevention and control education through training. Regular refreshments is essential to keep them up to date with best practices and Infection Shield expert is responsible for following the provincial, national and international guidelines to the spread of the infection to other staff, and anyone entering the facility.

There annual reports should also be in place on the achievement of challenges to identify Infection Control And Prevention priorities within the organisation. The Infection Control And Prevention program, objectives and targets needs to be defined and foreseen in order to identify gaps in practices and to monitor progress towards specific objectives. Infection Control And Prevention risk assessments should determine the risk of acquired and transmissible infections based on a number of factors such as number of staff at the facility and services provided. Sources: 1, 2

Some of the infection transmission risks can be associated with environmental cleaning and disinfection and the facility management need to make sure the proper protocols are in place ( appropriate disinfectant, proper practices such as proper technique and following contact time) in order to mitigate the risk of infection transmission.

Identifying these risks should be a joint priority for the Infection Shield expert and the facility committee members. This statement is intended to show that Infection Shield Consulting is committed to meeting these requirements with the measures we have taken to ensure that we have the best possible risk management, infection prevention and control systems, protocols and procedures.

Infection Shield Consulting works with the organization’s leaders, WHO, CDC, Health Canada, and our role is to facilitate this by ensuring the safety of staff and anyone who visit or enters your facility. We work with both the best Infection Shield experts who have extensive knowledge of Infection Prevention and control and have the Certificate of Infection Control (CIC) designation.

We will examine all significant events that may have brought about an infection concern to see what can be learned and to point out changes that could lead to future improvements. All incidents and actions recommended are in accordance with the Infection Control And Prevention best practices.

Infection Shield Consulting can review important events at your facility during weekly or monthly meetings and pass the learning on to relevant employees or management. We provide a framework for your Infection Control And Prevention policy and procedures. This includes a comprehensive set of guidelines for the management of infection prevention as well as control of infections.

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