Outbreak Prevention in High-Risk Long-Term Care Home

Client Background:

A long-term care home experienced recurring outbreaks of infectious diseases, leading to serious health risks for residents and overwhelming the facility’s staff

The Challenge:

The facility struggled to identify and address the root causes of the recurring outbreaks. They sought expert guidance to enhance their infection prevention and control practices and break the cycle of infections.

Our Approach:

Infection Shield Consulting conducted a comprehensive assessment of the facility’s infection prevention and control measures, identifying key areas for improvement. We developed a tailored action plan to address the root causes of the outbreaks and implemented preventive strategies.


Key Actions Taken:

  1. Conducted a thorough environmental assessment to identify potential sources of infection and improve cleaning and disinfection practices.
  2. Reviewed and updated the facility’s outbreak management protocols, ensuring timely response and effective containment of outbreaks.
  3. Provided extensive staff training on hand hygiene, proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and infection control best practices.
  4. Assisted in implementing a robust surveillance system to monitor infectious disease trends and quickly detect potential outbreaks.

Results Achieved: By implementing the recommended measures, the long-term care home successfully reduced the occurrence of outbreaks, protecting the health and well-being of residents and alleviating the strain on staff. The facility regained confidence from residents, families, and regulatory authorities, establishing a safer and healthier environment for all.

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