Infection Prevention & Control Audit

Long-Term Care & Retirement


Comprehensive Audit

A certified Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Consultant will check and observe your facility to check if the IPAC standards have been applied in the day-to-day operation of your long-term care/ retirement home, by auditing policies and procedures, education and training, record- keeping including immunization/screening of residents, and physical attributes of the facility, including resident care, environmental services, laundry, and dietary delivery.
This assessment includes a detailed written report of baseline IPAC measures in your facility. After the visit, you will have a great understanding of any gaps that may exist in your facility through our in- depth gap analysis. We will then create a customized action list to help you prioritize each and every recommendation.

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Follow-up Audits

Follow-up audits are the most important step in ensuring IPAC compliance by staff. While the comprehensive audit provides baseline knowledge and understanding of the gaps, the follow-up audit demonstrates staff’s understanding and ability to apply IPAC principles appropriately, plus follow-up on closing the gaps based on recommendations provided. An IPAC consultant will evaluate staff actions anonymously before, during, and after patient care, with a special focus on tasks such as hand-washing, using personal protective equipment appropriately, and proper cleaning and handling of equipment and other IPAC measures that are in place. Education and feedback will be discretely provided during the audit, and upon completion, you will understand any gaps through the in-depth written report, plus recommendations for improvement.

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Other Health Care & Non-Health Care Settings

Our certified Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Consultant will come to your facility and thoroughly evaluate all areas of your current practice or facility. This assessment includes looking at your existing infection prevention program, including a comprehensive environmental assessment, including but not limited to cleaning products, environmental risk assessment and evaluation, as well as other IPAC gaps such as IPAC compliance and staff assessment. We also review and revise specific policies based on your needs and will help educate key personnel regarding the new policies or procedures. We will provide a detailed written report complete with findings and recommendations for improvement after the visit. We’re here to help the healthcare industry decrease communicable diseases and infections and boost patient safety as your trusted infection prevention partner by providing you with ongoing and supportive recommendations through webinars, Q&A, email communication, and in-person or virtual conversations.

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If you are interested in improving your Infection Control processes and procedures and would like to learn how Infection Shield Consulting can help your practice mitigate risk related to Infection Prevention and Control practices, while promoting staff and patient safety in the process, then book a visit.

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What our clients think about Us

Kamyab has offered support and guidance to our communities. The teams enjoy his visits, and webinars. His calm approach to infection control leave staff feeling confident and assured…. He is always there when you need assistance ….
Tracy R
Tracy RVice President, Long Term Care
Kamyab Ghatan MD, CIC is highly skilled in his trade! his knowledge of IPAC especially in the LTC and Retirement Sector is exceptional! He has grown many IPAC leaders within the industry, including myself! He would be an asset to any organization.
Aleksandra Grzeszczuk
Aleksandra GrzeszczukLegal Nurse Expert & Health Law Enthusiast
Kamyab Ghatan, Founder of Infection Shield Consulting is a welcome Infection Prevention and Control resource to the healthcare industry. His expertise and clarity provide a much needed resource and sounding board in the fight against healthcare related infections among our most vulnerable populations.
D'Arcy Mykietowich
D’Arcy MykietowichCEO
Infection Shield Consulting Inc. is owned and managed by seasoned & knowledgeable IPAC Consultant with vast experience in LTC IPAC program as well as other sectors. I had the opportunity to be mentored by the National Chief Infection Control officer (Kam) and that experience has shaped my career as a successful Infection Control Practitioner.
Pearl Abdulkadir
Pearl Abdulkadir

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We assess your facility, not only to prevent spread of infections, but also protect your staff, visitors, clients, and anyone entering your facility.


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